GEOG 1000

The Geographic Resource Centre (GRC) located in S403 Ross provides research and study facilities for students in the Department.

Marston, Sallie A., Paul L Knox, and Diana M Liverman. World Regions in Global Context: Peoples, Places, and Environments. 6th ed. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2017. Available in the GRC

September 19:

Viviane Rutabingwa & James Kassaga Arinaitwe. 2015. Taylor Swift Is Dreaming Of A Very White Africa. National Public Radio [NPR], September 1, 2015

September 21:

[Recommended video] Al Jazeera’s “The Scramble for Africa”

 September 26:

[Recommended] Desmond Tutu. 1984. "Desmond Tutu's Nobel Lecture upon Winning the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize"

September 28:

Ben Rawlance. 2016. Dadaab: Inside the world's largest refugee camp. The Telegraph, January 29, 2016.

 Explore Dadaab Stories:

October 3:

Paul Waldie. 2011. Banning the Food Band Aid to Help the Hungry Help Themselves, Globe and Mail, February 28, 2011.

October 5:

Barry Bearak. 2010. For Some Bushmen, a Homeland Worth the Fight, New York Times, November 4, 2010.

October 6/7 [tutorial]:

Wikipedia entry on “globalization”:

October 13/14 [tutorial]:

Robert Saunders. 2012. Undead spaces: Fear, globalization, and the popular geopolitics of Zombiism. Geopolitics 17: 80-104.

October 17:

Kenichi Serino. 2015.  The human victims in the fight over rhino poaching in Africa. Al Jazeera, January 7, 2015.

October 24:

Jacopo Ottaviani. 2014. Interactive: China's African spending spree, Al Jazeera English, March 21, 2014.  [read the article and play around with the interactive website]

October 26:

Uzodinma Iweala. 2007. Stop Trying to 'Save' Africa, Washington Post, July 15, 2007.

October 31:

[Recommended] Scott Anderson. 2016. Fractured lands: How the Arab World came apart, New York Times Magazine, August 11, 2016.

November 2:

John Allemang. 2011. The Exponential Power of Public Squares, Globe and Mail, February 25, 2011.

November 7:

Explore the following websites:

Global Carbon Atlas. 2016. Carbon Story.  [Explore “Enter the Past,” “Enter the Present,” and “Enter the Future.”]

KILN. 2016. The Carbon Map. [Watch the video and play around with the website.]

November 9:

Lucy Westcott. 2015. Water Being Used as a Weapon in the Middle East, Red Cross Warns, Newsweek, March 25, 2015.

November 21:

Thongchai Winichakul. 1994. Siam Mapped. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 37-51; 62-68; 81-94.

November 23:

Anthony Reid. 1988. Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450-1680, Volume One:  the Land Below the Winds. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 45-52. On Reserve in the GRC

January 25:

Jonathan Watts. 2014. Brazil's Landless Workers Movement renews protest on 30th anniversary, The Guardian, 13 February 2014.

February 1:

Stephanie Nolan. 2015.  Brazil’s Colour Bind. Globe and Mail, July 31, 2015.

February 8:

Anthony Bebbington. 2009. The New Extraction: Rewriting the Political Ecology of the Andes?  NACLA Report on the Americas, September/October 2009, 12-40.

February 9-10:

Peace Presence (

February 16-17:

Ecological Footprint Exercise

March 6:

 Truth and Reconciliation Committee. 2012. They Came for the Children., pp. 1-20.

March 8:

 Green, H. 2013. State, company, and community relations at the Polaris mine (Nunavut), Études/Inuit/Studies, 37 (2): 37-57.

March 13:

 Babones, S. 2012. Why Have Levels of Income Inequality Risen So Much?

Florida, R. 2013. More losers than winners in America's new economic geography.  Atlantic, CityLab. January 30. 2016. Income inequality.

March 20:

 O’Hagan, M. 2014 Post-Katrina: Will New Orleans still be New Orleans? Equal Voice News, April 10, 2014.

Uberti, D. 2015 Ten years after the storm: Has New Orleans learned the lessons of Katrina? Guardian, July 27, 2015

March 29:                           

Chyong, C. K. 2014. Why Europe should support reform of the Ukrainian gas market – or risk a cut-off, European Council on Foreign Relations Policy Brief No. 113, September, 2014.

Kirby, P. 2014. Russia’s gas fight with Ukraine, BBC News, October 31, 2014.

April 3:

 Traynor, I. & Smith, H. 2016.  EU border controls: Schengen scheme on the brink after Amsterdam talks  Guardian,  January 26, 2016

April 5:

Dhéret, C. 2011. How to reduce socio-economic inequality in Europe? Challenge Europe, May, 2011.

Pickett, K. 2014. Reducing inequality: An essential step for development and wellbeing, Journal for a Progressive Economy, January 24, 2104