GEOG 5370

Week 1: January 7

Definitions of “equality”, “equity”, “inequality, spatial”, “welfare geography” “welfare state” and “social justice” from R.J. Johnstone, D.Gregory, G. Pratt and M.Watts (Eds.), 2000 The Dictionary of Human Geography, (4th Edition), Blackwell: Oxford, UK and Malden, USA. On reserve in the GRC or electronically

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Week 2: January 14

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Week 3: January 21

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Week 4: January 28

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Week 5: February 4

Foucault, M. (2001) “Governmentality” in Power: Essential Works of Foucault, 1954-1984, Volume 2. New Press, pp 201-222 On reserve in the GRC

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Week 6: February 11

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Week 8: February 25

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Week 9: March 3

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Week 10: March 10

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Week 11: March 17

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Week 12: March 24

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Week 13: March 31

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